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Hand-made certified Rug/Carpet
In winter, for a warm and beautiful home, you need a nice carpet to decorate and make the house warmer.
A beautiful Rug design with a traditional touch, fantastic patterns and unique texture usually, such looms pass from generation to generation, from mother to daughter and so on.

Share the family times with our unique sheep wool carpet.

Best warm and attractive rug, but most importantly, pure wool's natural material is good for your health.
It is a natural carpet with a dense structure. It is made from sheep wool, 100% felted, and smooth.
This is an excellent mat on the floor, beautifully fits in any interior, and is very pleasant to the touch.

Unique and Original Design not available in retail stores
All our sheep wool carpets are hand-made. It's not a design you can find anywhere else or in stores. This is the perfect item for you if you want a unique piece of art to add to your luxury house that lets you decorate it.

A unique and lovely gift for your Friends and Family!

Are you tired of buying ordinary gifts? Want to buy a special gift for your friends or family member (new couples marriage gift - moving to a new house gift)? , then our rug is the best gift for them. Our design is custom, hand-made and not available in retail stores, making it a wonderful surprise, guaranteed to make them happy.

Luxury Sheep Wool Certified Carpet

Created by nature lovers to nature lovers, our unique, original and high-quality RUGS are the perfect way for you and your loved ones to showcase their love for fancy houses, nature and.
It's a traditional Tunisian carpet Called Klim or Kilim.
    • Length : 119 cm (47 inches)
    • Width: 63 cm (25 inches)
    Unique Piece Comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Tunisian government. 


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