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Coupe Kuksa en bois d'olivier

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Hand-made Olive Wood Kuksa Cup| Decorative Cup:

Beautifully shaped and eminently practical for outdoor camping, They will look just stunning in any kitchen.

In every fancy kitchen or restaurant, a beautiful Cup is mandatory to serve delicious drinks.

Best design that is organic and non-harmful to the planet, like plastic cups. Our wooden cup made from non-productive olive trees is the best kitchen item to serve water, hot and cold drinks.

Share your love and passion for drinks with our unique handmade Cup/Kuksa

  • The best Wooden Cup for serving Coffee or Tea
  • The best wooden Cup for Hot drinks
  • The best wooden Farmhouse Cup
  • The best gift idea 
  • Vintage Cup

Unique and Original Design not available in retail stores

 All our cups are custom-made and also hand-made. It's not a design you can find anywhere else or in stores. This is the perfect item for you if you want a unique piece of art to add to your kitchen that lets you decorate it and share your delicious drinks.

A unique and lovely gift for your Friends and Family!

Are you tired of buying ordinary gifts? Want to buy a special gift for your friends or family member that loves Coffee or camping in the woods? , then our Cup is the best gift for them. Our design is custom, hand-made, and not available in retail stores, making it a wonderful surprise, guaranteed to make them happy.

Olive Wood Eco friendly Cup

Created by nature lovers to nature lovers, our unique, original, and high-quality Coffee cup is the perfect way for you and your loved ones to showcase their love for Wood, nature, and coffee.

  •  Olive wooden cups and utensils are a great investment. 
  • Completely stained and odor-resistant.
  • Long-lasting product.
  • Olive wood utensils and cups are antibacterial, they also add a natural, organic flair to your kitchen. 

Hand-made Olive Wood Kuksa Cup:

  • Olive wooden drinking cup with a minimal and elegant design.
  • Olive wood keeps the temperature of your drink stable for longer.
  • It can be used for hot and cold drinks such as tea, coffee, wine, and fizzy drinks.

    Made of:

    • Olive Wood (very resistant wood)
    • No glue or chemicals( 100% healthy and food safe)
    • Polished with olive oil


    • 160 millimeters

    Care Instructions:

    • Hand Wash Only
    • Rub it occasionally with olive oil

    Important Notes:

    • Each piece of wood has its structure and texture, which makes each product unique


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