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  • Olive Wood Ladle - Tinast Canada
  • Olive Wood Ladle - Tinast Canada
  • Olive Wood Ladle - Tinast Canada
  • Olive Wood Ladle - Tinast Canada
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Louche en bois d'olivier

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Hand-made Olive Soup Ladle | Wooden ladle :

Beautifully shaped and eminently practical for serving soup,sauces .. They will look just stunning in any kitchen.

In every fancy kitchen or restaurant, beautiful ladles of different sizes will decorate the place.

Best design that is organic and non-harmful to the planet. Our wooden ladle made from non-productive olive trees is the best kitchen item to serve Soups.

Share your love and passion for soup with our unique ladle

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Unique and Original Design not available in retail stores


All our ladles are custom-made and also hand-made. It's not a design you can find anywhere else or in stores. This is the perfect item for you if you want a unique piece of art to add to your kitchen that lets you decorate it and share your delicious meals.

A unique and lovely gift for your Friends and Family!

Are you tired of buying ordinary gifts? Want to buy a special gift for your friends or family member that loves soups or camping in the woods? , then our ladle is the best gift for them. Our design is custom, hand-made, and not available in retail stores, making it a wonderful surprise, guaranteed to make them happy.

Olive Wood Soup Ladle

Created by nature lovers to nature lovers, our unique, original, and high-quality wine cup is the perfect way for you and your loved ones to showcase their love for Wood, and nature

  •  Olive wooden ladles and utensils are a great investment. 
  • Completely stained and odor-resistant.
  • Long-lasting product.
  • Olive wood utensils and ladele are antibacterial, they also add a natural, organic flair to your kitchen. 

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Beautiful as expected

This item was a gift for someone who liked very much!