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All our items are 100% handmade. We go over a long process of design, make and finish. We put so much of emotions in each piece to get it unique and very special. This is why we choose the name "BIDI" for our brand which means in arabic "with my own hand". 


Quality is our priority 

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  • Olive wood has a high resistance against mold because of its naturally occurring antibacterial lignin and tannins.  

  • Olive wood does not absorb odors. 

  • The wood’s high density makes it a high-quality product that fits comfortably into your hands. 
  •  Every product is one of a kind because of its distinct wood patterns and warm colors. Olive wood has a high oil content which makes it naturally water-repellent. 
  •  Olive wood is one of the hardest woods in North America which makes it ideal for the production of durable kitchen utensils. 
  • We use Olive wood from dead trees only. On average, it is five hundred years old. 
  • We dry it a full year in a natural environment. This will prevent it from cracks in the future. 
  •  Olive wood is well known to be germ free and healthy to use. It is dense, heavy and very hard. It is harder than most of wood in North America. 
  •  -The following diagram compares the hardness of different kinds of wood on the Brinell scale. 


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The Benefits Customers Receive

Our unique touch
The bottom of the chessboard is covered with 100% true leather stamped with our brand. This gives an original design of a mixture between wood and leather. It makes it a luxury set of chess and a piece of art.
Our wooden items are 100% from Olive trees. We care about every single detail. We always make sure that our customers get a unique piece of art.