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Large Shaped edges luxury chess set

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Large Shaped edges luxury chess set :

A beautiful chess setup to enjoy the best chess game with your friend.

Playing with such a fancy wooden chess board is way better than online chess, or on a plastic chessboard; it has a vintage touch that makes you feel like you are in the queen of gambit series.

Share your love and passion for chess with our unique chess table with pieces.

  • Best chess setup to train for your chess tournaments
  • Perfect for all places and times
  • not heavy and beautiful as decoration in the house
  • Very resistant chess set

Unique and Original Design not available in retail stores

 All our chess boards are custom-made and also hand-made. It's not a design you can find anywhere else or in stores. It is the perfect item for you if you want a unique piece of art to add to your home that lets you decorate it and share your chess skills with your guests.

A unique and lovely gift for your Friends and Family!

Are you tired of buying ordinary gifts? Want to buy a special gift for your friends or family to express your love for them? Then our chess board is the best gift for them. 

It is the best wedding or father's day gift, to let people remember you with the fantastic special gift you gave. It is made from natural materials not to harm the planet.

Our design is custom, hand-made and not available in retail stores, making it a wonderful surprise, guaranteed to make them happy.


    Approximate Dimensions:

    • Length x Width of the board 50 x 50 cm ( 20 x 20 inches )
    • The playground is 32 x 32 cm (13 x 13 inches)
    • Square size  4 cm (1.6 inches)
    • Chesspieces length:
      • King : 8.5 cm (3.4 inches)
      • Queen : 8 cm (3.14 inches)
      • pion : 5 cm ( 2 inches)
      • Knight : 5 cm ( 2 inches)
      • Rook : 5 cm ( 2 inches)
      • Bishop : 6 cm (2.4 inches)

    Care Instructions:

    • Wipe off the dust regular.
    • Don't put the chess table in warm areas or hot places.
    • Don't expose the chessboard for long-duration to the sun.
    • For the best possible care, rub the chessboard with oil then wipe it off with a dry clot.

    Important Notes:

    • Each piece of wood has its structure and texture, which makes each product unique

    Warranty :

    We provide 3 years warranty against cracks or any material defects


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