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Olive Wood Big Fruit Dish

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Hand-made Olive Wood Big Fruit Dish :

Natural grain/color that gives an attractive and decorative appearance to your home or kitchen.
Each piece has been fashioned from a different piece of wood, each revealing its beauty and veining according to the tree in which it was made.

Each product is unique: you are sure not to have the same object as your neighbor.

Olive wood is a very healthy natural product: it has few pores and is very resistant.

The know-how of working with olive wood is typical of Mediterranean craftsmanship. It comes from an ancestral know-how where entire furniture was once made of olive wood. This know-how has evolved over time and it has now found other and more contemporary supports: very beautiful kitchen utensils particularly solid, salad bowls in olive wood with a certain charm. For the latter, the larger the diameter, the rarer the piece.

Olive wood is a natural material recognized for its antibacterial qualities and therefore widely used in kitchen utensils, and in the manufacture of authentic tableware.

It is a material that will allow you to consume sustainably. Indeed, olive wood products keep for a long time. For this, remember to oil the wood before use and then regularly to give it its shine and guarantee its impermeability.

Made of:

  • Olive Wood (very resistant wood)
  • No glue or chemicals( 100% healthy and food safe)
  • Polished with olive oil

Care Instructions:

  • Hand Wash Only
  • Rub it occasionally with olive oil
  • Never put your olive wood items in the washing machine and do not let them soak in water.

Important Notes:

  • Each piece of wood has its structure and texture, which makes each product unique

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